Manage all client requests in a single view using ABNICS integrated service. No matter what channel they came from: phone, email, chat, social network or customer portal with one click!

Your customer support operations benefit in 3 important ways

Resolve issues in ways your customers prefer

Let your team adopt a customer focused process: from self care and preferred engagement channels to meaningful response/resolution targets and customer voice.

Self-Care: Quickly find answers to common questions

Full flexibility in defining a customer support case flow

Choosing the right channels for case creation

Case Routing and Assignment

Managing Response and Resolution time targets

Customer’s voice

Set your agents up for success

Offload your agents from the most dreaded task – data entry. Let them handle equitable loads with realistic targets. Give them a clear picture of what to focus on while giving them easy access to needed information including intelligent recommendations. Make it easy for knowledgeable members to lend a hand when needed.

Case Automation and Auto fill needed information

Easy access to all required information

Intelligent recommendations from organized knowledge base

Intelligent recommendations from organized knowledge base

Collaboration by bringing the issues to other team members attention

Make it easy for support managers to be on top of things

Let support managers proactively address important issues that need attention and prevent escalations. Give them a clear idea of what and why so they can address systematic issues with process or personnel.

Addressing systematic issues proactively

Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

Software for multi-channel customer support organizations to manage cases at scale, and at SLA-speeds.

ABNICS Help Desk

Cloud Software for Multi-Channel Customer Support

Manage cases effortlessly

Transform requests for support across any channel, into a case that’s automatically linked to the contact that started it. assign it to a support agent, see time remaining on the case’s SLA, and suggestions for how to resolve the case automatically pulled from an internal FAQ for fast resolution.

Automatic case assignment

Answer every call for help, promptly. ABNICS Cloud Help Desk can automatically assign cases to an agent or a group of agents. Alternatively, assign cases manually while using metrics like agent load and availability to assign

Prioritize cases

Customize lists of cases using any case data. Whether it’s by SLA, issue category, a customer code, or any other criteria of your choice, use lists to see and prioritize cases based on the factors that matter most to your business.

Never miss a case resolution deadline

On-screen and email alerts and automatic escalations ensure that key cases are prioritized, and that you and other stakeholders know when a case or related task needs attention.

Multi-channel support

Your customers could reach out at any time across any channel. ABNICS puts you at the ready to help them by automatically creating and assigning cases when appropriate for messages received via email, web-forms, customer portals, Twitter, phone calls, and chat.

Complete case histories at a glance

Get up to speed with every case instantly with a chronologically ordered case history that includes all interactions.

Your relationship history at a glance

The customer portal shows logged in customers elements of their relationship history with you. You can choose to let them see things like the status of recent tickets they’ve submitted; quotes, invoices, and a number of other records that you have related to them in ABNICS Business Suite.

Exchange documents and files

Customers can share documents and files directly through the customer portal, eliminating the need for email threads and manual attachments to their contact records.

Knowledge Base: quick access to common questions

The customer portal has direct access to your company knowledge base, ensuring that simple questions don’t call for the time of your support team.

Create, submit, and update tickets

If the knowledge base isn’t enough to resolve a customer issue, customers can submit cases and attach files directly through the customer portal. Afterward, they can return to view statuses and update information as needed.

Guarantee Customer Support Reliability with SLAs

Promise your customers resolutions within SLA times. Base SLA resolution times and escalations based on issue types, customer priorities and other criteria. Then track it across every case.

Define SLA policies based on customer, region, or functional area

Create any number of SLA policies that dictate how you respond to cases under various scenarios of urgence – then apply these policies to cases manually, or automatically using workflows.

Priority based targets for first response and resolution

Determine acceptable first-response and resolution times for each SLA based on whether the case is deemed to be low, medium, high, or urgent priority.

Establish business hours to support customers across time zones

Establish the business hours that your customer service team is available to support customers in specific time zones. Additionally, establish holidays and other periods of absence. SLAs can then be configured to only count time towards the SLA when your office is working.

Foresight alerts draw agent attention to SLAs due

Configure automated alerts to keep you in the know of approaching SLA targets, such as 30 minutes from when an urgent case is meant to be resolved by.

Automatic escalations ensure key stakeholders are kept in the loop

Highly customizable escalation rules and alerts ensure that violated SLAs become a customer service team’s priority, ensuring customer confidence in your organization.

Use SLA statuses in workflows for SLA-based automation

Use workflows to assign or change SLAs based on rules, or to perform actions based on an SLA being assigned. If a previously closed case reopens, for example, ABNICS can change a case’s state to urgent and create a task for the assigned agent to contact the customer within the next 30 minutes.

Integrate and Manage your Customer-Related Projects

Whether you’re working on a small personal project, or managing a multi-team project for a customer, the project management tools can help you get it done more collaboratively and faster.

abnics cloud crm project management

Everything you need to manage a project in one place

Create a project with any number of assignable tasks, and milestones with due dates. Associate the project with a customer, case, or another entity so that it can always be easily found. Then, attach files, collaborate, and track progress right from the project’s dashboard.

Progress monitoring and Gantt charts

Slip into the project’s detail view to see a completion summary of project tasks, as well as Gantt charts that visually lay out the project status.

Notifications keep project members on task

Users can automatically be notified on-screen, via email, or through calendars of approaching deadlines on tasks assigned to them.

Collaborate internally with project comments

Write notes on any project-related entity, from the project itself, to tasks. @mention users in those notes to send them an on-screen notification to take a look. All notes on related tasks roll up into the project’s main comments area for a comprehensive overview.

Collaborate with customers with message and file sharing through the customer portal

Working on a customer-related project? Give them access to the customer portal, then share the project’s status and allow them to upload documents directly to it through the customer portal.

Fast Answers to Previously Solved Problems

Provider customers and employees with fast answers to common questions by building a private and public knowledge base of resolved cases.

Convert common cases to FAQs

If a question resolved in a case may come up in the future, convert the case to a knowledge base solution for quick access by employees and customers.

Give customers FAQ access through the portal

Create a repository of frequently asked questions and answers that can be accessed by internal teams when resolving customer issues, or by customers through the customer portal, preventing the need to use your support team for questions.

Workflow Automation

Automate your team’s repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time helping customers.

Trigger actions based on changes to a case

You close a case when you think issues have been resolved. If a customer thinks differently and replies back, ABNICS can automatically reopen the case and send an alert to the assigned agent and supervisor to let them know.

Trigger actions based on a case becoming inactive

You work with a lot of customers, and things can sometimes slip through the cracks. ABNICS can notify you if a high priority case from a customer you’ve tagged as a VIP hasn’t been accepted in a reasonable amount of time.

Automate task creation and assignment

When a case calls for a specific action, Vtiger can automatically create an assigned task, and alert the assignee to ensure that it gets done.

Automate case field updates

Update any case field using workflows. If an issue is categorized as a refund, for example, ABNICS can automatically apply a refunds-related SLA that establishes how long you have to deal with the case. If a case is reopened, automatically set its priority to high. Or if an email arrives with the text “password” in it, the case can automatically be assigned to your IT team. With such granular automation, you can rest assured that cases are always categorized and addressed the right way.

Manage sales & customer support with one powerful CRM workspace.

When a lead becomes a customer, all of their information is already in the system for your support team to access and leverage.

Track & analyze your entire pipeline for valuable hidden business insights.

Track the entire customer journey. From lead to the end of lifecycle. Every interaction along the way is tracked and analyzed.

Everything you need to build a great customer experience

ABNICS Business Suite equips your teams to make better decisions and always surfaces relevant customer data from all apps to help them drive relationships and deals forward.
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