ABNICS Sales CRM enables total control over the complete customer journey – from lead generation to loyal repeat sales. Employ out-of-the-box processes to manage the entire sales cycle!

A complete view of the customer journey

ABNICS sales CRM delivers end-to-end sales processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead to order, and continued account maintenance. Best-in class technology enables the system to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, allowing companies to effectively manage every stage of customer interactions.

Communicate with customers on any channel they choose

Work with your team in real time to solve issues quickly. See customer data and analytics to make the best business decision for growth.


For Selling Smarter, Faster and more Collaboratively

Know Your Contacts Better

With an actionable 360-degree historical view into every engagement they’ve ever had with you.

abnics cm contact management

Get up to speed in seconds

ABNICS CRM shows you a complete history of your relationship with leads and customers. In their contact record you’ll find their personal information, notes you’ve written, and emails and calls you’ve exchanged with them. And if you’ve attached a file, sent them a quote, or engaged with them in any other way, you’ll find it there too, so that you can learn about them faster and take action sooner.

Take action with an email or call, or get assistance with a @tagged comment

Ready to engage? Send an email or place a call in a single click (& record it, too, if you choose). Or if you need assistance from an expert in the organization before you can do that, @tag them in a note that instantly lets them kno

Know when to act with idle contact, activity, and other notifications

ABNICS CRM ensures that you’re always in the know with on-screen, SMS, or email alerts that notify you if a contact becomes active, idle, or meets various other conditions. Do this for contacts assigned to you or your team, or select individual contacts to receive notifications for.

Stay on top of your commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events

Not yet ready to reach out to a contact? Create a task to follow up with them later. Or if you’ve already scheduled a meeting, create a calendar event. Tasks and events are linked to the contact’s record so that their information is just a click away. Calendar events are also synchronized with Google, Outlook, and other calendars.

Import contacts from anywhere, automatically

Spend more of your time working with your contacts instead of on them. Whether you receive contacts from a CSV file, an email, a form submitted on your website, or a third-party app like Google Contacts, ABNICS CRM automatically imports them for you.

Win Deals Faster

Know where to focus attention to win more deals, faster. Click into any opportunity to see important information like related contacts and organizations, forecast amount and expected close dates. There, you can also add notes, attach documents, and have collaborative conversations about how to win each opportunity. As opportunities progress, attach quotes and invoices, or once they’re won, create projects in one-click for post-sales teams to get up to speed and manage work quickly.

Visualize your opportunity pipeline on your dashboard in real time

From your dashboard see a real-time view of your opportunity pipeline with clickable stages that display a real-time list of opportunities in that stage.

Move opportunities through the sales cycle more quickly.

Leave no opportunity behind with alerts if an opportunity stays in one stage for too long. Then accelerate opportunity stages with digital signing of NDAs, contracts, and other documents.

See what’s important with filtered lists of opportunities

Use any data from opportunities to create filtered opportunity lists, like one for those assigned to you, and another for those that close this week.

Stay on top of your commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events

If you’re not yet ready to reach out about an opportunity, create a task to follow up. If you’ve already set up a meeting, though, then schedule a calendar event. Both are automatically linked to the opportunity so that when it’s time to act the information you need is just a click away. And if you don’t always work in ABNICS CRM, don’t worry – events are automatically synchronized with Google, Outlook, and other calendars you use.

Add detail with attached documents, or collaborative comments

Receive information important to an opportunity in another file? Attach it to the opportunity in a click. As the opportunity progresses, if you need assistance from an expert across the business, @tag them in a note to call their attention to the opportunity.

Measure performance with exportable reports, pivot tables, and charts

Any data in ABNICS Sales CRM, from opportunities, to employees or products can be summarized in a report or pivot table, both of which can be exported to a CSV file. Alternatively, use data to create a pie, line, or bar chart – if you see yourself looking at it often, pin it to your dashboard for a real-time view of data as things change.

Forecast future sales

Create private forecasts that estimate revenues months, periods, or years out. Account for scenarios from the worst to best cases. Once your forecast is built, export it to a CSV file for further analysis or distribution.

Schedule Appointments Faster

Whether it’s a 1-on-1 with you, or just the first available time slot with someone on your team, your contacts can choose a convenient time from your calendar availability, and ABNICS CRM will ask for information about the appointment, create a calendar event, send pre-event reminders, and log everything in the contact’s ABNICS record.

Book appointments in a single step

Booking appointments with a specific sales rep, or just any available member of your team, just got a lot easier. Just share your appointment page URL to let anyone choose an open time on your personal, or team’s calendar. ABNICS CRM automatically creates the appointment, notifies, and reminds attendees.

Have more productive conversations with pre-scheduling questionnaires

Whether it’s a meeting to answer a few questions, explore client needs, or see a product demo, know what you need to prepare for with a pre-meeting questionnaire that’s asked alongside the appointment request.

Reduce no-shows with pre-meeting email reminders

ABNICS Sales CRM sends pre-meeting reminder emails to all scheduled attendees so that you never dial into, or walk into an empty meeting.

Save time with automatic data capturing into ABNICS CRM

ABNICS CRM automatically creates a contact record if one doesn’t exist, then adds the new event to that contact record contact record’s history.

Appointments always respect your schedule

Set your available windows for appointments, and ABNICS CRM will only let contacts book time during those windows – so that you have time to work on other work.

Get pre and post meeting prep time with meeting buffers

Set how long you need before and after each meeting, and ABNICS CRM will automatically block those times on your calendar when a meeting is booked.

Professionalize your meeting page with custom design

Customize the look and feel of your meeting page for professionalism with CSS file uploads

Manage Inventory & Prices, Build Quotes, Send Invoices & Track Payments

Manage your vendors and inventory, build price books, create quotes, sales orders, and invoices that automatically deduct from available stock, and for which you can request online payments from customers that are tracked against their outstanding invoices.

Manage products, services and vendors

ABNICS inventory management system captures all information about products and services, including serial numbers, pictures, descriptions, prices, stock numbers and more. Link those to vendors for quick purchase order creation when stock is low.

Build a price book for each pricing strategy

If you want to price products differently based on customer segment, region, or another criteria, use price books to ensure that your teams consistently present the most appropriate prices to customers.

Quickly create quotes, invoices, purchase and sales orders

The templates builder allows you to build quotes, invoices, purchase and sales orders to spec, which include your company logo and addresses. Send them to customers via email in a single click, and find them in related contact or opportunity records. Approved documents automatically deduct from inventory stock.

Plan with pre-built forecasts

Always hit your sales targets, with forecasts that show you whether you’re on track to meet them, or how much of a gap you need to close through team motivation, training, or recruiting.

Forecast revenue, periods, months or years out

ABNICS’s forecasting tool pulls together all of a sales team’s opportunities, then automatically makes adjustments based on sales stage and probability of closing, and finally lays it out in a table that shows how much revenue you can expect in each future period

Forecast revenue based on different scenarios

It’s tough to plan effectively when variance dominates your forecasts. Plan more effectively with forecasts that account for different scenarios

Set private forecast amounts on opportunities

Privately adjust forecast amounts up or down without showing adjustments to sales reps.

Export forecasts to CSV files for sharing or further analysis

Make forecasts available to other members of the team with a simple export via CSV file

Automate Workflows

Automate your team’s repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time nurturing customers. From transforming emails into lead records, to creating follow up reminders after sales calls, to emailing you a deal update when an opportunity stage hits “won” – workflows make sure you don’t have to sweat the small, and maybe even some of the big stuff.

Automate repetitive tasks

Create if-then rules that automate repetitive but important tasks. These look for a trigger you define, such as an opportunity being idle for 48-hours, or an invoice being created, and once triggered, can send an email, create a task, update a record, or send an SMS message.

Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions

Link ABNICS to a forms on your website to automatically create leads or contacts from form submissions. All form field information automatically maps to corresponding fields in ABNICS.

Automate next steps from email

Whenever you receive an email, ABNICS Sales CRM can automatically attach it to the sender’s CRM record. If a sender doesn’t exist, ABNICS can create one for you. Even if an email from a known contact contains a lead’s information, ABNICS CRM can parse that information out of the email to create a new lead or contact.

Effortlessly build beautiful emails

Start from one of pre designed templates, or build one from scratch using the drag-and-drop email designer. Once your structure is in place, add and edit text, graphics, and colors, and your email is ready to target and send.

Increase engagement with targeted recipient lists

Whether you’re trying to reach textile consultants in the greater Chicago area, or marketing managers in the western hemisphere, a focused audience for your campaign is just a few clicks away.

Improve future campaigns with email analytics

Once you’ve sent your campaign, find out how it performed. How successful was the subject line at getting people to open it? Who clicked on what links? Who responded? Learn what messages are relevant to whom, how deeply they engage, and how to drive further engagement.

Automate follow-up emails with autoresponders

If an email can be sent based on a common trigger, ABNICS CRM can automate it for you. If a contact clicks on a link in a previous email you’ve sent them, their birthday is around the corner, or a service contract they have with you is about to expire, use autoresponders to automate sending them a personalized email. This ensures that you never miss sending an important notice, or taking advantage of a key relationship building opportunity.

Help sales have the right conversations, with contact-level campaign engagement

Every contact record includes a list of the campaigns they’ve received, and how they’ve engaged with them. Sales and accounts teams rely on this information to know what’s of interest to contacts, so that they can reach out with more relevant communications.

Sales Analytics & Insights

Keep your finger on the pulse of your sales organization with ABNICS’s sales insights. The insights dashboard highlights key organization, team, and pipeline stats like top performing team members, and the current value of open opportunities.

Dive deeper into your analysis, with pre-built pipeline, team, and activity analytics

Spot an interesting stat or trend in one analysis? Use the menu to reach seven related analyses uncovering how team activities, the structure of your pipeline, and deal flow contribute to it.

Visualize the health of your sales pipeline

The highest level measure of your organization’s health is the values of your sales pipeline and wins at any time. The pipeline value chart shows you growth and contraction in these values over time. See an interesting trend? Use the tabular data below each chart to trace its source to a sales person, sales stage, or other source

Slice and dice chart data with related tables

Beneath each chart sits tabular data that breaks down what you see in charts in different ways, painting a clearer picture of how your team, pipeline, and deals contribute to the trends that you see.

A range of pre-built charts and tables visualize your sales organization’s health

Get insights from the perspective of your sales team, their activities, your sales process, and overall sales pipeline help you spot opportunities for improvements across all of your inputs and processes.

Build reports from Any CRM Data

Use any data to build reports, pivot tables, and charts on team, pipeline, product and other drivers of performance, then pin charts to your dashboard for frequent use, or export them to a CSV file for distribution amongst your team, or for further analysis.

Create and pin real-time charts to the dashboard

Create pie, line, or bar charts that visualize any data across all of the CRM. Use it to build a bar chart that displays the dollar value of open opportunities currently owned by each salesperson, or a line chart showing new revenue per month. Plan to visit the chart frequently? Then pin it to the dashboard for perpetual, real time visibility.

Export reports and charts to CSV files

Export any report or chart you’ve built to share with co-workers, or to do additional data analysis

Schedule periodic emailed reports

If you or your team reviews reports on a periodic basis, skip the reports section by scheduling any report or chart to be emailed in an attached CSV file to a list of recipients.

@mention co-workers to collaborate

Whether you need insight from an expert across the business, or just want to get some collaborative brainstorming going, get your colleagues’ attention by @mentioning them in a comment on a contact, opportunity, or other record.

See real-time notifications whenever you’re mentioned

Get an alert in the notification center when you receive a @mention from anywhere in the CRM. Click through the alert to open the record you were @mentioned in, or reply to the message without opening the record, right from the notification center

Deeply integrated calendar events

See existing calendar events and tasks synchronized across any system you use, from Google Calendar to Outlook. Automate the creation of new tasks, like reminders to follow up on calls after they happen, and reach related CRM records in just clicks.

Create record-linked tasks and events

Whether working with leads, contacts, or opportunities, create tasks and calendar events that automatically link to the related record so that information is on-hand when it’s time to work on it again.

Pop-up notifications on screen

When it’s time to take action, see an in-browser or mobile notification, as well as a reminder in ABNICS CRM’s activity center. If now’s not the best time, snooze or reschedule the event.

Automatically create follow-up tasks

Use workflows to automatically create tasks and events, like a reminder to follow-up if an opportunity becomes more than 3 days old, or a phone call if an opportunity reaches a certain sales stage.

Integrate with Google, Outlook, and other calendars

Synchronize events with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, and other calendar apps

Breathe new life into sales and marketing documents

Centralize, share, collaborate on, track, and optimize marketing and sales documents. Additionally, integrate with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive for more free space.

Store, search, and share your sales and marketing documents from right inside your CRM

Help sales and marketing get important information to prospects and customers faster by uploading often used presentations and whitepapers to your CRM. From there, salespeople can search for them using any document metadata, or share them with customers in one click.

Share documents in a click from the email composer

In one click you can upload a document, or to share a link to a document in the document library. Document links let recipients view the document in ABNICS CRM’s tracked document viewer.

Collaborate privately with contacts on sensitive documents through the document viewer

Exchange messages right on the document viewer. Need to involve someone else? Invite them using the share button. CRM users receive in-CRM notifications of new comments, while other contacts receive email notifications. This keeps everyone in the loop driving deals forward.

See real-time, page-level, and to the second document engagement metrics

See how every contact engages – in real time, at the page level, and to the second, with every document that you share with them, to help guide your next sales conversation.

Collaborate internally to improve documents

Share knowledge about how to improve document use, or documents themselves, through the document’s internal comments box. Use @mentions of people or teams to draw their attention to the conversation.

See a contact’s document engagement on their CRM record

ABNICS CRM automatically surfaces any document shared between you and leads and contacts right inside the contact’s documents widget. This also shows you key stats on how the contact engaged with each document.

Manage sales & customer support with one powerful CRM workspace.

When a lead becomes a customer, all of their information is already in the system for your support team to access and leverage.

Track & analyze your entire pipeline for valuable hidden business insights.

Track the entire customer journey. From lead to the end of lifecycle. Every interaction along the way is tracked and analyzed.

Everything you need to build a great customer experience

ABNICS Business Suite equips your teams to make better decisions and always surfaces relevant customer data from all apps to help them drive relationships and deals forward.
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